.Text Skin Question & Answer

I’m an end user at a .Text site, not an admin… can I take the style.css or some other part of your custom skins and make them work, or is it required that the admin add it to the server?
I have experimented with this but haven’t been able to get it to work (trying bases of simple, blue, white, marvin3, anothereon01, etc)… but I’m no css expert.

When you say you are an end user and not an admin, I am interpreting this to mean you have your own .Text blog but do not have access to administer the .Text server application. If my understanding is correct then the following is true.

In order to use a new skin (one not already available to you), someone with admin access will have to install it. However, installing .Text skins could not be much easier than it already is.

Another option:

If there is an existing skin on your .Text server that provides the layout but not the colors or fonts you want, you can override those with your own colors and/or fonts.

As a .Text blogger you will have the password to administer YOUR .Text site. Once you have gained access to your admin site you can click on "Options" and then click on "Configure". At the bottom of this screen you will find a "Custom CSS Selectors" section. In this section you can specify css (style) attributes for your .Text site. One important note, the skin you choose cannot have a color associated (i.e. select Marvin2, not Marvin2-Blue).

For example, select the Marvin2 (no color) skin and also copy the following css code into your Custom CSS Selectors section. Save and display your .Text site and the categories should now have a background color of orange.

   background-color: orange;

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