Cogitation Blue skin for .Text version 0.95 – Updated as of 2004.05.06

Cogitation Blue skin for .Text 0.95

Download the Cogitation skin for .Text.  This has been written for .Text version 0.95.  Please report any problems or suggestions.  Your feedback is appreciated.

Download: .Text Cogitation Blue Skin (Updated as of May 6, 2004)
Note: you will need to rename the file extension from .png to .zip.

  1. Changed the style (.css) files to use relative font sizes
  2. Minor border and margin padding changes.
  3. Replaced the “(rss)“ text with the orange “xml“ image in the left links column.
  4. Miscellaneous small changes to easily facilitate additional color schemes (to come soon).
  5. Included the new suggested .Text Skin logo which appears at the bottom of the skinned .Text site.


  1. Extract the zip file into the “/DotTextWeb/Skins/Cogitation” folder.
  2. Add the following line of code to the “/DotTextWeb/Admin/Skins.config” file.
    <SkinTemplate SkinID="Cogitation" Skin="Cogitation" />
  3. Copy the “/Skins/Cogitation/Images/xmlsmall.gif” file to the root of your .Text web site folder.
  4. Finally, be sure to post back and let me know if and where you use it.  Thanks!

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