Book: Web Services and Service-Oriented Architectures

Web Services and Service-Oriented Architectures

Book-WebServiceOrientedArch When it comes to software development books, I usually read books that are much more technically oriented than this book.  This book is exactly what it sells itself to be; a non-technical book on a technical subject.  The content is excellent for any software development manager wanting to better understand web services.

The book starts out with more of a conceptual view by telling story about a businessman on a business trip.  This story is intended to be a bit of utopia and how web services and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) can help to bring these daily conveniences to the average person.  The book then moves on to the changes required and the impact that change itself will bring to an organization.  There are some excellent points and examples made in this part of the book.  Again, they are short and to the point.  The last part dives into the architectural stages of implementing web services.

This book hits its target audience of technical and non-technical managers who need to better understand and communicate the concept, benefits, and risks with implementing web services to upper management, as well as coherently communicating with the technical staff.

This 232 page book is a quick and easy read with 188 pages of core content and the rest providing reference material like terms and definition. A worthwhile read and good handbook for the software development manager needing a clear and concise book on what web services are.  I appreciate the clear and to-the-point content.

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