Send Email Link for IE

I try not to have any (OK, many) obsessions; however, one is my consumption for information.  Because of this I have to strictly monitor myself from deviating from my present task.  I am sometimes easily distracted.

To help me remember about “something I found interesting“, I have a nice little custom link button labeled “Send” that I use in my Internet Explorer browser to quickly send myself an email.  The email contains a subject and the link to the website in the body.  Yes, you can do this by clicking, File > Send > Link by E-Mail, but this is to many clicks for me.  Yes, I am impatient and have to work on this also.

This works with one click – much better.  Your Links toolbar needs to be turned on to easily access the buttons in IE.  I have my located immediately after the Address bar as shown here.


Simply paste the the following javascript code into the URL of the link properties.


The only thing you need to customize is the YOUR-EMAIL@HERE.COM portion.  Here is a sample of the properties dialog.

To create a link button you can drag the “e“ icon in the address bar to the Link toolbar.  To get the properties, right-mouse-click on a link you want to edit.  Here is a sample of the properties dialog.


Warning: For me these emails are subtle “tasks” to learn more.  Your inbox may quickly fill up.  :)

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