Create an IE Favorite to quickly resize your browser

Often times when editing or designing a web page or a site I use my full screen to take advantage of all the real estate my screen has to offer.  I also often times need to quickly see what a page will look like in a smaller screen resolution such as 1024×768.  Here is a quick tip to quickly and easily resize your IE browser to a specific size.
  1. Create a shortcut in your IE Favorites or in you Links folder.
  2. Rename this shortcut/favorite to “Resize Window to 1024 x 768″.
  3. Edit the properties of the shortcut and place the following line of javascript in the URL property.


  4. Note: You may receive a warning prompt. Simply proceed.
  5. Save the properties and then click your new favorite “Resize Window to 1024×768″.

Your current window should now automatically resize to 1024 x 768.  I have a shortcut/favorite for both 800 x 600, 1024 x 768, and 1152 x 864 so I can quickly and easily resize my browser to a specific resolution.

Other common lower resolution sizes are:


Important: When using IE 8 or later (using tabs), this will only work when you have only one tab in your IE browser. This will not work when you have multiple tabs open in the same IE window.

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