It’s Official – I’m Old

There is a new ring tone that apparently only kids can hear.  As I understand it, this sound was initially developed to drive kids away from stores and storefronts leaving the adults in peace and quiet.

I had to test this out for myself and I cannot hear the ring at all, even with the volume set to the max and my ear only inches from the speaker. On the other hand, my son (14) and my daughter (16) were able to hear it from across the room – easily. Just to make sure he wasn’t pulling my leg I told him to turn is back and go across the room. He was able to tell me when I started and stopped the sound – instantly.

It’s official, I’m old. :) :(

Here is the MP3 audio file.  Try it out for yourself.  Even better, try it with your kids.  Here is the MP3 file KidsOnlyRingtone. Here is the source article from Fox News..

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