Maverick Limited

Maverick Limited is a provider of custom software development and support services.  I am an independent software developer specializing in the Microsoft stack of technologies with a strong focus on Microsoft’s .NET, .NET Core, Azure, Office 365, and SharePoint products. My experience with these technologies began with their inception, and my experience includes Fortune 50 & 500 companies at the highest levels.

My name is Mark Wagner.  My career has been that of a softwareprofile-2010-06-color
developer and hands-on architect; a delivery agent with an eye (and opinion) for clean and functional designs that meet or exceed client expectations.  Throughout my career it has been my responsibility to design, develop, and deliver what others request – or have promised.  My experience includes demonstrated success in enterprise and commercial software development, including employment in top Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, Medtronic, TSYS, and General Electric.  My career includes front-line experience with a wide range of industries including commercial software, banking/credit card, medical, energy (power and oil & gas), Federal, State and Local Governments, the United States House of Representatives, and more.  This is first hand experience with industry leading, national and global organizations facing real-world business challenges on a daily basis; challenges that require well thought out solutions incorporating sound approaches that not only meet the immediate business needs, but the ongoing operational and maintenance needs – an often forgotten or discarded consideration.

Thank you for taking the time to visit and I hope you will consider Maverick Limited for your next software project.

Mark Wagner
Maverick Limited