How to setup “Meet Now” for LiveMeeting 2007

Summary: This article discusses how to configure and use the Meet Now feature in LiveMeeting 2007.

    1. Start the LiveMeeting rich client desktop application.
      Note: You will most likely not see the Meet Now button on your screen, yet.
    2. Click the options menu link in the upper right corner.
    3. Select the “Open User Accounts” menu option.
    4. Enter the following information:
Check the “I enter a user name and password…”.
Enter your LiveMeeting web site user name and password.
    1. Click the Test Connection button. You should see the following success message:

Click OK to close this message box.

    1. Click OK on the User Accounts dialog to close.
    2. You should now be returned to the main Live Meeting welcome screen.
    3. Click on the “Meet Now Options” link.
    4. Your LiveMeeting Meet Now Options window should be displayed.
    5. Make any changes to set your preferences. I use the following configurations options in the Entry Control section:

I use a custom/fixed Meeting Key for both the Presenter and Attendee roles. I do this only because I also enable the Meeting Lobby.

    1. Under the Meeting Lobby section:
      Note: You may need login to your LiveMeeting account using your web browser to configure this Meeting Lobby option. It appears to be disabled in this dialog at the time of this posting.

I enable/check the Meeting Lobby. This allows me to selectively grant users access to my Meet Now meetings while keeping a consistent and easy to remember meeting key for me and my clients. It also allows me to create a consistent URL for my Meet Now email signature link. See my post on Create a Live Meeting ‘Meet Now’ link in your email signature. This has proven to be very convenient for me and my clients.

  1. Click OK or Cancel to close the options dialog.

Using the Meet Now link:

Now, when you start your LiveMeeting rich client application, you can simply click the “Meet Now” button to start a new LiveMeeting and instantly have Meet Now session ready to use.  Click “Continue” on the standard notice message.

Create a Live Meeting “Meet Now” link in your email signature

Wouldn’t you like to be able to hold an impromptu Live Meeting with your co-workers or clients by simply saying to them: “Click on my Meet Now link”.

Note: This posting discusses how to create a “Meet Now” link that you can place in your standard email signature. I also have a separate post “How to setup “Meet Now” for LiveMeeting 2007” that discusses how to configure your Meet Now options in LiveMeeting.

Here is an example of what this posting discusses; securely placing a permanent “Meet Now” link in your email signature.

Mark Wagner | Microsoft | Services | Senior Consultant II | LiveMeeting: Meet Now

Note: The Meet Now link above is a fake hyperlink since this is being posted on the Internet. :)

Why create a ‘Meet Now’ link in your email signature?
Having to schedule an impromptu Live Meeting and pass out the login code and/or custom link/URL, although it is pretty easy, it still takes longer than just telling your client/attendees to “Click on my Meet Now link.” Being able to use Live Meeting for an unplanned meeting is a great resource to have.  A Meet Now URL will always be the same since you can only have one Meet Now meeting at a time. Additionally, this URL can be posted on your internal My Site or placed in your email profile for easy access by your co-workers or clients.

Is it secure?
It sure is. The ‘Meet Now’ feature has existed in Live Meeting for quite some time now.  As long as you configure it as I have noted below, you have the necessary control measure to safely and securely share your Meet Now link.

Configuring Your Personal ‘Meet Now’ Signature Link:
The link in your email needs to be the Meeting Lobby URL. The URL can be found on your My Home page on the Live Meeting web site – after you have logged in.  It will look something like:

Configuring Your Live Meeting Account:

  1. Login to the Live Meeting web site. I’m not sure what your URL is, but it will look something like this:
  2. Click on Meet Now Details link.
  3. Click on the Meet Now Options link.
  4. Enable the Meeting Lobby option. This will allow users to connect and wait in the lobby area. You will have to manually grant them access to your meeting when they arrive in the lobby. This prevents anyone from joining your meeting at anytime, such as the wrong clients. Although, I can say this has not been a problem for me.

Holding a ‘Meet Now’ Live Meeting:

Attendees: To hold a Live Meeting, have your meeting attendees simply click on the Meet Now link in any of your past emails, or as saved link somewhere. Once They will be waiting in the lobby until you join the Live Meeting and grant them access.

Presenters (You): As the presenter, you can join your Meet Now live meeting a few different ways.

  1. By logging into the Live Meeting web site using your Meet Now URL, which will look something like:
  2. By logging into the Live Meeting web site using your standard Live Meeting login page, and then clicking the Meet Now link. This is effectively the same as option number 1.
  3. By configuring your Live Meeting rich client Meet Now button. I will need to dig into this a bit more because I had to manually build the URL to get this to work. But, it is handy to be able to just click on your Live Meeting rich client application and click the Meet Now button. It’s a little faster and direct.

Note: If there are attendees I want to be presenters, I always have them join just like any other attendee. Once they are in the meeting I promote them to a presenter. Keep in mind that once you do this they will be able to see your presenter password in the Meeting Details window, if they look for it.