SharePoint Site Column (Fields) Notes


– Setting a field to ReadOnly will cause the field to not display in

the Site Columns page in SharePoint. I’m not even sure if the field is even

there and only hidden.

– If the field does not appear in the Site Coluns page, change the GUID, Name,

and StaticName to something that is unique. If the site collection already has

a field with the same Name or StaticName attribute, it may not be created properly.

Misc Notes:

User field types:

– Allow only select people (not groups).

UserSelectionMode=”0″ (PeopleOnly)

UserSelectionMode=”1″ (PeopleAndGroup)


UserSelectionScope=”0″ (All people)

UserSelectionScope=”ID-HERE” (Only allow people in a specific Group, where ID-HERE is the group id.)

– Type=”User” (allow only one selection)

Type=”UserMulti” (allow multiple selections)

Rich Text field types:


RichTextMode= HtmlAsXml or FullHtml or Compatible

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