SPDev: SharePoint Developer Utility

A free utility to help SharePoint developers be more productive developing SharePoint solutions.

SPDev: Overview

  • SPDev is a command line utility to help SharePoint developers be more productive. It began with the GenWS (Generate Web Services) operation and now provides a number of additional time-saving utilities. You will find a summary of the features in SPDev below.


  • SPDev has no implied or explicit warranty.
  • SPDev is not intended for use in production environments.
  • SPDev has no official support.
  • SPDev is available for free.


  • Released: May 7, 2009
  • The download and source code is available at CodePlex: SPDev on CodePlex

SPDev: Syntax Help

SPDev,, Created by Mark Wagner

SPDev.exe Syntax Help:
  SPDev.exe -o []

  SPDev.exe -? | -help


-o FeatCheck
     Check for any orphaned features. (Features that are enabled but no longer
     installed on the server/farm.

-o Gac
     Registers or unregisters an assembly in the Global Assembly Cache. No
     need to use (or hunt down) the GacUtil.exe. Faster.

-o GenWS
     Generates the SharePoint web service disco.aspx and wsdl.aspx files.
     * No need to manually edit your .disco and .wsdl files to work with
     SharePoint. This generates the final disco.aspx and wsdl.aspx files

-o ListJobs
     Lists the timer jobs for the specified web application along with some
     job definition details. Useful when trying to identify a job ID/GUID.

-o RecycleAppPool
     Recycles the IIS application pool using the web application URL instead
     of requiring the application pool name, which can also be different among
     different developer machines.

-o RestartTimer
     Restarts the Windows SharePoint Timer Server (SPTimerV3) service. Faster.

-o RunJob
     Configures the schedule for a timer job to run almost immediately, and
     then restores original schedule.

-o SchJob
     Configures the schedule for a timer job.

 SPDev.exe -help
 SPDev.exe -help GenWS
 SPDev.exe -help RecycleAppPool

4 thoughts on “SPDev

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  3. Hello, I’m confused. I open the Visual Studio 2008 prompt as administrator, and then run SPDev.exe -o Gac. I get “The methid or operation is not implemented”. If get this error even if I use the actual -file parameter, with a file between quotes. Why does it do that?
    SPDev.exe -o Gac -file “..\bin\Release\MyDll.dll”

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