SPDev – RunJob

** More detailed documentation to come.  But here is an overview.
* Most jobs will run in less than 60 seconds, and often time in less than 30 seconds.
SPDev.exe Syntax Help:
  SPDev.exe -o RunJob -jobname "<job name>" -url <url> -timeout 7
-o RunJob
     Configures the schedule for a timer job to run almost immediately, and
     then restores original schedule.
     -jobname "job name"
       Name of the timer job run immediately.  Important: This must be the
       internal Job Name, not the Job Title, which is what is displayed in the
       Central Administration Timer Jobs list.
     -url <url>
       Specifies the url of the SharePoint web application on the local machine
       for the timer job to be executed.
     [-timeout] <minutes>
       Number of minutes for the SPDev command to wait for the job to execute
       before giving up and restoring the original configuration. The default
       value is 5 minutes.

SPDev.exe -o RunJob -jobname "My Custom Job" -url http://localhost

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