Mike Tech Show podcast

I just wanted to quickly share a bit of joy I recently had when I discovered that one of my articles was mentioned on the Mike Tech Show podcast. During this episode Mike discusses a number of useful system level tips, but he also spends a bit of time discussing tips around system performance and this is where he mentions my post on Performance Improvement (Disable Intel SpeedStep). I really enjoyed listening to the podcast and was tickled to hear one of my articles being referenced.

So, if you’re ever in the mood for a bit of tech talk then I recommend checking out the Mike Tech Show. The show’s web site has a long list of podcasts from which you can review, and each podcast has a nice summary of the show’s subject matter along with any related links for easy reference later.

Podcast: Mike Tech Show – Podcast – #542 – 04-25-15 (at 12:50 into the podcast)